Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Money Pit: What's the Stories...?

...Morning Glories!

Found these beauties creepin' over (through?) my fence in the morning, and it was such a lovely treat to wake up to.  I'm a little torn about the idea of letting vines grow over/around/through/under my fence, but the plants in question - morning glory AND honeysuckle - are rooted on the city property that my yard backs up to.  It's not completely out of the question for me to climb back into the dry river bed and dig it all out, but I would by lying if I said I didn't enjoy the greenery.  Besides, my fence is reinforced with a chainlink behind it...and while it looks all pretty and white and painted, the fact of the matter is that the fence is actually very old and if I ultimately have to rip it out I won't be sad about losing it.

So for now, the flowering greenery stays.  I expect that I will regret this decision in the future.

The SIDE YARD is a bird of a different feather...or a flower of a different color...or whatever.  From the start, I knew that I wanted our side yard to be where my fruit-and-veggie garden took root.  In the last week, I've actually started this process.

That thar is a completely temporary fence that I put up with chicken wire and 79-cent posts.  The next gentle breeze will be knocking them down, I'm sure.  But for the time being it's keeping my pooch away from where I'm digging (as soon as I break out the shovel, Boo-dog is usually like, "Oh hayyyyyy...let me help you with that!" and I'm gifted with holes akin to crater impacts throughout the yard) and the fragile little plants that are setting into the ground. 

Did I say "fragile little plants?"  Take a look at this tangerine sapling that my amazing in-laws got me for my birthday.  This little sucker is already trying to pop out some delicious snacks...I don't really expect that we'll actually be able to eat anything off of this tree any time soon, but I'm excited that I was gifted with such a tenacious tree!

Actually, all of the plants that I've acquired thus far for the garden have been gifted.  Aside from the tangerine tree, my coworker gave me three tomato plants.  I guess she was culling her own garden.  We've got a big ol' selection of potted herbs that I can't wait to transplant, received as a hostess gift.

The only thing that hasn't been gifted is a little packet of bell pepper seeds that I bought for $1.99.  I have NEVER grown anything from seed, so I'm curious to see how green I can encourage my thumb to be.

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