Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Money Pit: Accent Chairs, or "Another DIY Project"

Everything in my life is DIY right now.  I love it, but it's also infinitely frustrating to know that there are so many things in progress that I'm actually responsible for finishing (let alone starting).  It's really good as a practice in patience, though, since the most important thing about DIY projects is not rushing things.  Lawd knows I'm guilty of trying to rush things.

Anyway, here's my latest haul.  Sexy, right?

Found these babies on the side of the road coming back from breakfast one morning.  Can you believe someone was actually going to throw these out?  I mean...I mean...buh...come ON.

I mean, REALLY...pot o' gold right here.
That chair on the left in the first photo had actually already been cleaned up a little bit.  At first, it looked exactly like the one on the right and then I was all like, "Pictures.  RIGHT."

Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually just grab people's garbage with a "Rifle through it first, throw it away later, ask questions even later than that" attitude.  I've been an antique hobbyist since I was very little...and while I would still not be able to answer any Jeopardy! questions in a category called "Antiques," I still know a good piece when I see one:
          - These chairs were sturdy.  They didn't require any
             reassembly, they weren't missing any pieces, and
             they were not rickety.  Also, they're pretty!
          - They didn't have any damage.  Okay, I mean,
             besides the obvious holes, there was no termite
             damage, no water damage,  and they didn't smell of
             cat pee (extra bonus!).

Ignore the man, er, laundry behind the curtain!
So thusly began the restoration process.  These babies required sanding.  The scraggily looking red and white paint actually came off easily.  I chalk this up to the likelihood that someone tried to restore them simply by splattering some paint on the wood without giving these babies the love and care they deserved first.

So at this point, I've finished the initial sanding process on each chair.  I've ripped out that awful wicker seating on each (don't worry, it wasn't doing anyone any favors), which ended up being the hardest part since I had to get in there with needle-nose pliers.  The beautiful color of the natural wood on each chair is really glowing, even with its age.

My next step is going to be filling in the cracky sort of spots with wood filler, after which point I'll give everything a solid sanding again, just to ensure it's all smooth and even.  Once that's all done, the fun can begin!  There will be priming, there will be painting, there will be upholstering...and then, as a facebook friend of mine pointed out, there will be sitting...which for whatever reason I left out of the initial process list.  Kind of important.  I mean, otherwise what's the point?

I'm excited to show everyone the colors I have picked out for the paint and upholstery...but I'm not quite ready to reveal that yet.  There's much work to be done first...

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